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After 60 years of preaching, Richard Ady, Founder and Director of the World English Institute and Bible Correspondence School, and his wife Maudine continue to lift up their eyes to the fields that are "white for harvest".

On June 22, 2012 I became eighty-one years old, and I have decided it is time for me to step down as President of WEI. On June 30, I turned the title over to my younger colleague, Tom Langley. Tom prepared for this transition for eight years, and he is ready for his new responsibilities.

How did WEI get started?

Their unselfish service was recognized by beloved brethren all over the world in the awarding of the Christian Service Award at the Pepperdine Lectures, 1998.  In 2011,  Dick and Maudine were honored with Distinguished Christian Service award by Harding University.

Dick and Maudine give all credit to God!

Dick and Maudine have been married 56 years. The Lord has blessed them with two children, five grandchildren, and four great-grandchildren. They live in Gresham, Oregon. Dick serves as an elder at the Metro Church of Christ. Maudine serves as a "wife of noble character -- worth far more than rubies." Dick defines his greatest achievement is "being a servant of God." He loves traveling, photography, reading and, whenever possible, trout fishing. Maudine has traveled with Dick as "Booth Director" while her heart is with her family back home.

Richard N. (Dick) Ady, a young-at-heart 81-year-old servant of God.

Minister, Missionary, Educator, Elder, Founding President of World English Institute & Bible Correspondence School, and Co-founder of NationsUniversity.

World English Institute and Bible Correspondence School
Founding President; author of 19 WEI books, 1989 - present

Swans Chapel Church of Christ north of Abilene, TX;
Ayers St. Church of Christ in Corpus Christi, TX;
Minister of Education & Director of the Bible Chair at Del Mar College, 1957 - 1961; Netherwood Park Church of Christ in Albuquerque, NM; Pulpit Minister, 1961 - 1964; Central Church of Christ in Portland, OR; Pulpit Minister; Instructor of Bible at Columbia Christian College, 1964 - 1976; Missionary in Taipei, Taiwan; Director of Preacher Training School, 1968 - 1972; Sonoma Ave. Church of Christ in Santa Rosa, CA; Pulpit Minister, 1976 - 1989

Abilene Christian University
Bible; Religious Education (B.A. &; M.S.), 1951 - 1957
San Francisco Theological Seminary D. Min Practical Theology, 1976 - 1985

Support for WEI
The Metro Congregation is the original home of World English Institute and Bible Correspondence School. Dick is the writer of the Basic and Advanced Bible and English Courses, a Beginner's English Course, and a series of books on Christian Evidences and a series on the Godhead.  

Maudine serves as the office manager for WEI, and their daughter, Debbie Henry, serves as Administrative Assistant.   WEI has distributed millions of lessons to missionaries and students in 200 nations.

Best of all, the Adys and their colleagues Tom Langley, and Bob and Jan Towell, work together, faithfully and without fanfare, telling others that souls can be reached by teaching people the Bible as they study English. In their busy schedule, Dick and his co-workers find time to lead the young and the old to foreign lands on campaigns to meet their correspondent students face-to-face. Financial support comes from individuals and congregations of God's people everywhere.  Dick says, "God is using WEI to teach people about Christ in every nation on earth and even the tiny land-locked country of San Marino, with a population of 26,000.  To God be the glory.

    History of Dick's preparation for WEI
    Dick's preparative work began with his first sermon in 1950. He was awarded with degrees (BA and MS) in Bible and Religious Education from Abilene Christian University (1957). Dick has served as Minister in New Mexico, Texas, Oregon and California. He served as Bible Chair Director at Del Mar College and was Minister of Education at the Ayers St. Church of Christ in Corpus Christi.

    In Albuquerque, Dick was the minister for the Netherwood Park Church of Christ. In Albuquerque, he was the President of the Christian Student Activities at the University of Mexico.

    In 1964, Dick and Maudine moved to Oregon where Dick became the Minister of the Central Church of Christ in Portland and Instructor at Columbia Christian College.

    During the period 1964 to 1976, they served two missions terms in Taiwan (1968 - 1969 & 1972 - 1974) where Dick established and directed the Chinese preacher training school as an extension of Columbia Christian College. In 1976, Dick became the minister for the Sonoma Ave. Church of Christ in Santa Rosa, CA (1976 – 1988).

    His studies continued at the San Francisco Theological Seminary with degrees awarded (M. Div. and D. Min.) in Ministry (1985). Among the many contributions in the church as Minister and Leader, Dick led humanitarian groups in the resettlement of Asian refugees in California.

    Dick's influence is worldwide. His speaking engagements are world wide – U.S.A., Canada, Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, Hong Kong, Philippines, Albania, Germany, Singapore, Korea, India, Cambodia, Indonesia, Africa, Hungary, and Croatia. His writings are equally abundant having served as Editor of China For Christ, a monthly newspaper about mission work in Taiwan, and as article writer in The Christian Chronicle, Christian Bible Teacher, 20th Century Christian, Power for Today, Firm Foundation, Gospel Advocate, Image, Christianity Today and others. Dick is the recipient of the Teacher of the Year award at Columbia Christian College, (1971) and Minister of the Year award (1983), given by the Pacific Christian Academy, Graton, CA. He has received community recognition in Who’s Who in Religion (1985), Who’s Who in America (1985), and Who’s Who In The West (1993). The most recent recognition award is the Christian Service Award at the Pepperdine Lectures, (1998). Missions that Dick and Maudine affect are now in 206 nations with WEI.

    WEI Activities
    In 1989, World English Institute and Bible Correspondence School came to life. Dick began writing, placing ads in foreign newspapers and recruiting teachers to respond to the flood of student interest. Dick continues in serving daily, telling the story, recruiting teachers, traveling, writing and leading campaigns abroad. Maudine continues faithfully in supporting missionaries around the world in the important work of God of reaching lost souls – supervising staff working with new students and teachers, mailing lessons, the Update and answers to their requests. Maudine is Secretary of the Board of WEI. With all this, she makes family a high priority. Every year she receives The Mother and Grandmother of the Year Awards.

    How can you get started?
    WEI has an urgent need for correspondence teachers.  Available names number in the thousands.  Please consider becoming a correspondence teacher for Postal or Internet teaching. WEI is now recruiting campaigners for the summers while students are our of school and available to study..

    You may request Dick to visit your missions program of your congregation and/or your missions program leaders and  tell you how you can use WEI to aid your missionaries in finding and teaching  quality prospects -- especially in nations that were formerly communist nations.  Dick reads his e-mail daily.  Send him your e-mail message by clicking here...Dick Ady

    WEI is now "online" with a fully automated student recruiting and lesson grading system. Teachers may register to be an Internet teacher and to use this system. Training is available. Send your request of interest to Jan Towell at A list of new students is posted for teachers each week from which you can choose and begin sending lessons immediately. Check out the student website at

    Dick's itinerary:
    Dick's availability can be updated by calling 503-661-0348.   Dick leads campaigns in Albania each year and other countries. Please pray for the teachers going with Dick.

    WEI's goals are Biblical.
    WEI is organized to preach the gospel to the whole world by using the Bible as an English textbook on a fourth grade level. The goal is to reach one million students by the with your support. Jesus' missions statement was for his disciples to "Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit,  teaching them to observe all that I commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age." Matthew. 28:19

    Advanced students can continue their Bible training through the WEI Advanced Lessons and over the Internet as students in NationsUniversity – "a school without walls." 

    What is there beyond WEI studies?

    Dick serves on the board of NationsUniversity, a credited university for the B.S. and M.S. degrees led by Mac Lynn, President, and by a board of 12 church leaders from across the country.

    How can you learn more?
    You can read more about WEI’s history and how you can help win souls for God in   "About WEI" and other pages in this web site.


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